Start, Stop, Reboot

To start, stop or reboot your VPS go to "Virtual Machines" - "Managing VPS". You will also find here State of your VPS and its IP address. State of VPS can be:

  • not installed - you have not deployed your VPS yet.
  • Running - your VPS is now started. you can connect to your VPS using SSH or RDP depending on operating system installed. You can also use KVM to your VPS. To start KVM console window press corresponding button. Connecting can take some time so please be patient.
  • Starting - your VPS is starting now. You cannot connect to it at the moment.
  • Stopped - your VPS is stopped. you can start it.
  • Stopping - your VPS is shutting down.
  • Additional state ::Job Pending - there is a job for your VPS. A job pending status means that your VPS is either restarting, stopping or you are changing service offering
manage VPS screen KVM console screen