State of requests

To control your software applications state go to "Software"-"State of requests". Here you can see all your software requests and their state.

State can be:

  • Waiting - means that you have an active request and it is waiting to be processed by support
  • Processing - means that your request is currently processing by support

When state is "Waiting" you can refuse from application by clicking Cancel. When your request is processing money for the software are blocked on your account. You can see it in "Account state". You cannot cancel your request when it is processing. After request is successfuly processed blocked money are debited from your account and you will be able to see your licenses in purchased license.

According to the terms of use you have no right to install or change licenses for Microsoft Software. All these operations are performed by support personnel. Your application will be processed during three days. You need to have enough money on your account to order software. We debit money from your account only after completing your request. If there is not enough money on your account by the time support personnel fulfils your request, your request will be rejected.

Software requests

Software requests